Helping students get to class on time and stay on top of their schedules

Wake Up Call and Reminder Service for Universities

Snoozester, creator of the popular wake up call and reminder service, now offers services for universities, colleges and other institutions of higher education. Snoozester’s service enables universities to offer wake up calls and reminders to their students. The service is built upon the same proven technology as the consumer service and it can be customized to meet your needs. Students can schedule wake up calls and reminders calls online and receive them on their home phone, mobile phone, dorm phone, or any other phone -- it's that simple!

Information for NASPA Conference Attendees

"Freshmen also are continuing the trend of tardiness with a record high of 65.1 percent of students who came late to class frequently or occasionally during the last year, compared to 64.5 percent last year and a low of 48.2 percent in 1966. The number of students who overslept and missed a class or an appointment as high school seniors also increased from 35.3 percent last year to 35.6, nearly doubling the rate of 19.6 percent reported in 1968."

- The American Freshman: National Norms
   Higher Education Research Institute, UCLA