Helping students get to class on time and stay on top of their schedules


Wake Up Calls

Wake Up Calls

Help Students Get to Class on Time

We all know that students often stay up late and have trouble waking up in the morning. Snoozester Wake Up Calls are a great way to help students wake up on time for morning classes. Students can schedule wake up calls online and receive them on their dorm phone, mobile phone or any other phone.

Each wake up call comes with numerous options and features, including:
  • A Snooze Button – Wake up calls can be “snoozed” for ten minutes by answering the call and pressing the [2] key on the telephone keypad.
  • One Time or Repeating – Each wake up call can be set up as a one time call or as a repeating call with a custom repetition schedule.
  • EasyAwake and SecureAwake – Each wake up call can be scheduled as EasyAwake (for light sleepers) or SecureAwake (for heavy sleepers). EasyAwake calls will only be attempted once; SecureAwake calls will be attempted up to three times, every five minutes unless the phone is answered and the [1] key on the telephone keypad is pressed.


Reminder Calls

Students lead very hectic lives and it is no surprise that they often have trouble keeping up.

Snoozester Reminder Calls help students to remember exams, due dates, group meetings, office hours and other important appointments and events.

Students can schedule Snoozester Reminder Calls online from any internet connected computer. During the reminder call scheduling process, students will be prompted to select their phone number and enter the message that they would like to hear when they receive their call (such as, “history exam on Monday at noon”).

Using Snoozester Reminder Calls, Students can choose to schedule a one-time call (perfect for remembering an exam or due date) or select from a versatile set of repetition options (ideal for keeping track of group meetings, office hours and other regularly scheduled events).