Helping students get to class on time and stay on top of their schedules


Snoozester is Affordable

You can start offering your students all of the benefits of wake up calls and reminder calls for less money than you may think! Snoozester offers two different pricing models; you can choose to pay a flat monthly fee for all of your enrolled students, or a monthly access charge for each student that actively uses the service. No matter which pricing model you choose, Snoozester's prices are all inclusive - there are no hidden costs. Budgeting and allocating funds for the service is easier since you know the true total cost of ownership upfront. For more pricing information, please contact us at:

Start with a Free Trial

We would be happy to set up a risk-free trial account for your school so you can see how it all works. The free trial is fully functional and all of the standard features, including Wake Up Calls, Reminder Calls and the administration interface are included.

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