Helping students get to class on time and stay on top of their schedules


We are very proud to have received hundreds of testimonials regarding our service. Here are just few:

" Snoozester is the ONLY thing saving my homework grades "

" My schedule is varied and sometimes I'm only going to get 4-5 hours of sleep, but I actually sleep better knowing that call will get me up on time. "

" I like the fact that Snoozester is reliable...every scheduled call has been delivered so far. "

" It really is amazing that a person can coordinate a wake-up call through the internet. Love it! "

" The service is reliable, convenient, easy to configure, works better than a regular alarm clock "

" Phone calls are very hard to ignore - they wake people up when sometimes nothing else will. "

" I wake up to my home phone ringing whereas I can turn off my alarm (all of them) in my sleep. Snoozester is especially helpful when I know I'm exhausted and I will have trouble waking up. It's also more reliable than the friend that is supposed to wake you up when they get up. :) "

" It's the only alarm that has been able to wake me up on time! "

" I'm a senior HOPING to graduate in May but I have been having sleep-related issues that have affected my schoolwork. To put it simply, I have trouble waking up and even after having a sleep study done, the doctors aren't sure what the issue is. This system will be a godsend for me. Thanks. I really appreciate the implementation of this wake-up call system. "

" It's nice to have extra wake-up call, in addition to regular alarms "

" Snoozester is an extraordinary service! As a college student who works full-time, I often sacrifice sleep which usually results in ignoring my alarm clock. The phone though, always seems to wake me up. Snoozester wake up calls keep me on time for important events such as exams and early morning meetings. Without them I would be chronically late and quite possibly failing out of school. "

" I've been looking for a good solution for this for some time. No program for computers does this without having to leave it running, no cell phone (to include smartphone programs) that I've found has a descent way of providing this service, and you even have the ability for it to ensure you are awake by requiring me to press 1. "

" I've never been late for an appointment since I started using this service! "

" It's a great idea, done in a fun way! "